About the Weehoo story...

When taking a vacation in Vail, Colorado, two parents longed to explore all that the local bike paths had to offer.  With 5-year-old twins, however, the idea wasn't looking too hopeful:  The twins only tolerated a buggy trailer for a very short time, and the wife wasn't comfortable riding long descents with the kids in a trailer bike.  With no good option available, the couple were resigned to walking around town instead.

That night, however, the husband had a dream of what it would be like to explore the valley with his family--by bicycle trailer.  Before his feet even hit the floor that next morning, he grabbed the hotel notepad and sketched his idea for the trailer.  Once the family arrived back home in Denver, the cars in the garage were replaced by welders and benders.  Several months later, that notepad sketch was turned into a real, working model of the Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer.

The couple's twins couldn't get enough of the Weehoo!  Ordinary rides turned into 3-hour-long, effortless adventures--without any fussing or meltdowns.  The kids seemed to love the rides no matter how long they grew and, because of the design of the Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer, the parents were able to have a conversation with the kids while riding.  The kids were even able to help push the adventure along with their own set of pedals, making the parents feel like they didn't have anything attached to their bikes at all!  With the open air, the breeze, and all the sights and sounds that nature had to offer made available to the twins as well as the parents, each ride's destination now became secondary to the adventure of riding itself.

With this success in his own family, the husband, now our founder, didn't let anything keep him from getting the Weehoo iGo out to all parents who wanted one.  Today the Weehoo is available in nearly all 100 of the top bicycle retailers in the USA and Canada, as well as several other countries around the world.  With such a broad presence, the Weehoo team won't stop until every parent with a bike has had a chance to experience the freedom that the Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer has to offer.

"We love this trailer as it allows our whole family to enjoy bike rides together. My youngest child loves riding in the Weehoo Trailer because we get to race with my oldest child"

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